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The African Games (Non-official ), also called the Games of all Africa or the Pan-African Games, is a multi-sport competition held every four years on the African continent.

The first edition was held in 1965 in Brazzaville. Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the Olympic Games, had proposed the idea, but it remained a dead letter until the independence of the 1960s. Taking over from the Friendship Games involving the French-speaking countries, the first Games Are organized in Brazzaville in 1965 and immediately recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

African Games Awards

Edition                      Year                                       City                           Country

1                                 1965                                      Brazzaville                Congo

–                                  1969                                      Bamako                     Mali (annulé)

2                                 1973                                      Lagos                        Nigeria

3                                 1978                                      Alger                          Algérie

4                                 1987                                      Nairobi                      Kenya

5                                 1991                                      Le Caire                    Egypte

6                                 1995                                      Harare                       Zimbabwe

7                                 1999                                      Johannesburg         Afrique du Sud

8                                 2003                                      Abuja                         Nigeria

9                                 2007                                      Alger                          Algérie

10                               2011                                      Lusaka                      Zambie

11                               2015                                      Brazzaville                Congo