This morning,11th April 2018,  Mr. Pedro Godhino, 2nd Vice-President of CAHB assisted by Mr
 Khaled Hammouda, COC/CAHB President and Mr Aimé Mbengue PRC/CAHB President had a first contact with the delegates and the referees who are present in Cairo.

 So, everything is put in place to launch the competition.
Let’s recall that the Super Cup will oppose two men’s teams : Zamalek (EGY) vs Al
 Ahly (EGY) and two women’s teams: Primero (ANG) vs Fap (CMR) on 12th April 2018 according to the programme below:

 6.00 pm : Primero (ANG) vs Fap (CMR)
 8.00 pm : Zamalek (EGY) vs Al Alhly (EGY)

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