A word from the President for the African Games

Dear Handball Friends,

The beautiful city of Casablanca will host, from August 20 to 29, the Handball tournament of the 12th Edition of the African Games.

Is there any need to mention it? Sport has the power to bring people together. It conveys social values such as team spirit, discipline, respect for others, fair play…. And that is what we are celebrating today through the African games.

Handball, which is clearly on the rise, will play its part in this show to make its mark on international opinion once again.

Let us take a look at the recent achievements of our representatives at the Men’s U21 World Cup and the 2019 Super Women’s Globe Edition. The performances achieved are nothing more than the result of continuous and repeated efforts, which are now being achieved and rewarded.

In Casablanca, 10 teams in the Ladies version and 09 in the Men’s version will meet to celebrate the African festival. This edition was made possible thanks to the political will of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, with the strong support of the sports bodies, namely the Association of African National Olympic Committees (AANOC) and the Union of African Sports Confederations (UASC). The African Handball family welcomes this willingness shown by all, and is grateful to all those who, directly or indirectly, will contribute to the success of the 2019 edition of the African Games.

Let’s shape together a brighter future for African Handball.

Happy celebration.
Thank you.

Dr. Mansourou AREMOU
President CAHB