This second day was very emotional thanks to the matches Algeria vs Nigeria and COD vs Burkina Faso (men’s).

Algeria defeated Nigeria (24:22) after losing by four goals in the first half (7:11). From the beginning of the game, the Nigerian team played all the shots hard, while the opposing team seemed to have trouble containing their attacks. However, they gradually lost their advantage, leaving Algeria to take the lead in the second half and maintain the gap until the final whistle.

The same goes for the COD vs Burkina Faso match, which was a breathless duel until the last second. These 60 minutes of opposition offered the audience a great show. Both teams gave it their all throughout the game and kept the suspense alive in the final minutes, until Burkina Faso missed their last chance to level, which gave victory to the Democratic Republic of Congo (29:28).


General Result:


Cameroon 43 – 22 Uganda

Tunisia 43 – 26 Kenya

COD 45 – 25 Morocco

Angola 33 – 16 Nigeria



Egypt 42 – 22 Guinea

COD 29 – 28 Burkina Faso

Algeria 24 – 22 Nigeria


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