The Tunisian selection was a notch above Angola in the first semifinal she won 34-14.

Tunisia, vice-champion of Africa has left no moment of respite to Angola.
From the start of the match, the Eagles of Carthage have been respectful of the hierarchy by taking their opponents by the throat.
Stifled, the Angolans conceded goals under the influence of precipitation, all favored by the porosity of their defense. It is therefore logical that the teammates of Boukadida Chafik led 16-3 at half time.
Bis repetita, the second part was a true copy of the first.

The Tunisians quickly stifled the rebellion of Angolan players returned from the break with the desire to remake their abyssal delay, which on the contrary was dug under the battering of a Tunisian team mistress of the game that ended the match in wheels free against a team from Angola for the least transparent.
Final score, 34-14.

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