For more than 4 months now, the whole world is facing the pandemic of the new Coronavirus. It was the source of the complete cessation of national and international competitions by the total or partial confinement of the people in most of the countries.

Even if it is true that high level handball players and international handball referees have continued physical exercises in their homes and other confinement areas, however, it remains true that these activities were less important in terms of intensity compared to usual physical work.

As an overall movement, many States are thinking about deconfining their populations and gradually returning to the normal course of life and thus also to the competitions.

During the pandemic, experts have reported a high risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the membranes of the heart) in people with coronavirus (whether they developed the disease or not). On the biological level in particular, cardiologists (Pr Kaux of the Teachning Hospital of Liège and Collaborators) have highlighted a strong increase (1,000 times more and sometimes even 10,000 times more) in the markers of cardiac muscle suffering.

So, the CM/CAHB therefore recommends that the actors of the game, that is to say the handball players and referees, as well as their managers and medical supervisors:

  • Systematic testing of all athletes/referees for COVID-19 or the dosage of the markers of cardiac distress (Troponin and B-type natriuretic peptide) where appropriate,


  • A gradual resumption of physical activity at an initial dose of less than 50% of the usual effort; the objective is to reach the usual maximum capacity within one month.


  • Close medical monitoring (staffs of the teams and the national federation) and national federation staff) of athletes and referees using a questions form focused on the symptoms of the disease but also on the symptoms of heart disease.


  • For handball players and referees affected by COVID 19 and who were treated, do not resume any activity without the favourable opinion of a sports cardiologist.


Have a good restart!



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