This third day of the Olympics Games, has seen as in a remake of the World Cup Egypt 2021, the African Champions facing in an emotional battle, the reigning World Champion Denmark. Egypt managed to keep Denmark close for at least 45 minutes, but at the end of this match, once again unforgettable for handball fans, the Pharaohs could not take their revenge on the unstoppable Danes. Final score 27: 32 for Denmark.


Group A results

Brazil vs France 29:34 (13:16)

Argentina vs Germany 25:33 (13:14)

Spain vs Norway 28:27 (13:14)


Group B results

Egypt vs Denmark 27:32 (15:14)

Bahrain vs Portugal 25:26 (15:14)

Japan vs Sweden 26:28 (14:17)



Photo Credit: IHF



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