Although tied until the final minutes of the game, China took the lead against the Democratic Republic of Congo five minutes from time. But the DR Congo went back on track, equalised and won the match with Christianne Mwasesa’s decisive goal. This was followed by the general enthusiasm of the whole team.

The Democratic Republic of Congo thus scored its first two-point series thanks to this result, while the People’s Republic of China remained at zero points with its fourth defeat.

Player of the match: Christianne Mwasesa.


Results of the day:


Cuba – Slovenia 26:39 (15:17)

DR Congo vs China 25:24 (10:11)

Japan – Russia 23:33 (16:16)

Serbia – Netherlands 23:36 (12:20)

Sweden – Argentina 30:23 (14:11)

Norway – Angola 30:24 (13:12)


Photo credit: IHF



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