At the end of the quarter-finals, the following teams are qualified for the two semi-finals::

Men: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Angola

Women: Angola, Guinea, DR Congo and Cameroon


Schedule of matches on August 28, 2019:


Semi-final: MOHAMMED V 

11.30 SF1: VQF1 // VQF2: Angola vs Guinea

14.00 SF1: VQF1 // VQF2 : Egypt vs Algeria

16.30 SF2: VQF3 // VQF4: DR Congo vs Cameroon

19.00 SF2: VQF3 // VQF4: Morocco vs Angola


Ranking matches: IBRAHIM TATOUN Hall

10.00 5A // 5B                            NIGERIA vs KENYA (Ladies)
12.00 Cl1 : PQF1 // PQF2         UGANDA vs ALGERIA (Ladies)
14.00 Cl2: PQF3 // PQF4          TUNISIA vs MOROCCO (Ladies)
16.00 Cl2: PQF3 // PQF4          RD CONGO vs ZAMBIA (Men)
18.00 Cl1 : PQF1 // PQF2         NIGERIA vs GUINEA (Men)


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