Results of the preliminary round 2:


Brazil – France 19:19 (7:10)

Kazakhstan – Montenegro 21:30 (11:13)

Australia – Germany 8:34(4:16)

Senegal – Romania 24:29 (12:15)

Spain – Hungary 29:25 (18:13)

Korea Republic – Denmark 26:26 (13:10)


For Senegal, who are on debut at the Women’s World Championship, it was the second loss – but a second strong showing against Romania, semi-finalists of the EHF EURO 2018.

Indeed, in their opening match, they played on a level playing field with Montenegro and led the match for a while before finally losing 25:29. The match was very close until the last minute when Montenegro secured victory by scoring the last four goals. 

The same goes for the match against Romania. Despite the sustained attacks of Cristina Neagu, (the first player to be named handball player of the year four times by the International Handball Federation: in 2010, 2015, 2016 and 2018), Senegal managed to reduce the goal difference until the final whistle in favour of Romania.


“ What was your focus against Montenegro?

Fanta Keita: We knew that Montenegro are a very strong team – in defence and also attack it is very hard to play against these kinds of teams. But we have tried to have a good tactical game, to have good solutions to make goals. What is the overall goal for Senegal here in Japan?

Fanta Keita: Just play, maybe like we have seen today. Just play like this all the time. Grow up again and again and again for progress, and be stronger game by game, step by step.” (Source


Credit photo: JHA/Sportsevent – IHF


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