Dear Handball friends,

I want to extend my wishes of confidence to the Handball community and to all those who work in its favor. The said wishes of confidence  are based on specific facts. Our sport is still growing thanks to the strength of a collective commitment, a team work for a better efficiency and to the solidarity of a group, for the defense of our values.

 My natural optimism urges me to think that with that common will, we still have many long and beautiful years of handball that are coming, which will enable us to take advantage of the passion and the joy that we get from it.

Yes, it is about future that I want to talk to you in these very first hours of 2019 and more particularly the future that is open before the African Handball and to all those who have go interest in it.

Bright future and enthusiastic prospects are presenting themselves as the reasons why we must see tomorrow with ambitious eyes and hope.

They put us beyond the year which is opening but why not making them the engines for today ? of course, I am thinking about some events and some major decisions :

The 2021 Men’s  World Championship in EGYPT,  a honor done to Africa and we are convinced that Egypt will use its best assets to propose an event of great quality.

The Youth Olympic Games in Senegal (JOJ 2022) a big pride for our sport family. Dakar 2022 will be a first in Africa.

So, it is imperative to take decisions and prepare ourselves to be present at that historic meeting.

 -The passage from 24 to 32 participating teams for the Seniors, Juniors and Youth World Championships. The decision will be applicable from 2021. That decision will enable more countries to acquire experience within the elite and thus raise the level of handball. 

For the African Handball Confederation, it is not too soon to get prepared and worthily participate in those events.  What  projects to be shared all together and what challenge for our institution ! it is now that the kick-starting must be done to make that major objective a big success.

It is mainly for this reason that the innovating programs will be implemented shortly in order to set a stronger bedrock for the progression of our discipline, having in mind our ambition to move forwards.

The said program aims at getting a pool of executives who have got true technical competences. This leads to a coming out from the beaten tracks  in order to obtain a specialization of the actors. By the way, the process is launched and will be subject to consultations. I am convinced of the benefits of that new concept on the quality of the competitions.

This is to say that all the innovations which target the modernity and the improvement in performance will result on the creation of new bodies who do not necessarily lean on our usual structures of Commissions. They are below:

-Observers and referees trainers to assure a better follow-up of the said actors during the competitions  surely, but also in their respective countries with strict specifications.

-Specialized Technical Delegates for the management of the matches, taking into account the new missions which are assigned to them from nowso that the referees  can concentrate more on the  40X20.

-Event Delegates  who will be responsible for the inspection of the sites and the playing court at all the levels during the competitions.

To sum up, we are working towards a specialization for the compulsory passage towards IHF.

The step remains very high but surely not unreachable. We must bravely and tirelessly continue working to meet the coming challenges without forgetting the numerous objectives dedicated to the development of the African Handball.

 The pooling of our human means and our experience which are very diversified, for sure, but that will be a richness we will exploit at most.

I wish to you all and to your respective families a happy new year 2019.

Let’s build the African Handball together !!!

Mansourou AREMOU

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