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1 – The Congress is the highest authority and the last body of the AHC.
The AHC organizes two kinds of Congress
1 / An Ordinary Congress
2 / An Extraordinary Congress.


2- The AHC organizes two types of Ordinary Congresses:
1 / An Ordinary Work Congress
2 / An Ordinary Congress of Election.
Each Ordinary Congress determines the date and place of the next meeting.

3 – The Ordinary Congress deliberates validly when half of the national federations in good standing vis-à-vis the AHC and the IHF are represented.

Any federation may be represented by a duly mandated representative who must be of the nationality of the country represented.

The representation must be nominal and deposited with the Secretariat of the AHC no later than 24 hours before the opening ceremony of the Congress.

If a representative does not fulfill these conditions, he may attend the Congress only as an observer without the right to vote.

4. The Secretariat of the African Handball Confederation shall communicate the date of the Congress to the member federations six (6) months in advance and shall invite the members by the appropriate means of communication, at least one (1) month before the Congress.

5 – The agenda of the Congress with Elections includes the following points:
01 – Opening of the Congress
02 – Presence – call for delegates
03 – Election of two delegates to verify the Minutes
04 – Verification of the regularity of the convening of the Congress
05 – Approval of the Minutes of the previous Congress
06 – Admission of new members
07 – Activity Report of the Executive Committee
08 – Financial report
09 – Statutory Auditors’ Report and Quitus
10 – Report of the Presidents of Zones
11 – Consideration of Election Statute Proposals
12 – Elections
A) the President
B) the two Vice – Presidents
C) the Secretary General
D) the Treasurer
E) the Statutory Auditors
F) Confirmation of the Presidents of Zones
G) Election of the President of the Arbitral Tribunal
H) election of the Chairman of the Arbitration Commission
13 – Consideration of Proposed Amendments to the Statutes and Regulations
14 – Approval of the program of activities of the AHC
15 – Other
16 – Appointment of the place and date of the next Congress
17 – Awards
18 – Official closure of the Congress.

6 – Proposals to amend the Statutes may only be put to a vote in the Congress if they are on the agenda and provided they reach the Secretariat of the AHC at least four (4) months before the Congress.

After having examined them, the Executive Committee submits them all with its notice or counter-proposals, in the form of working documents to all the federations at least one month before the Congress.
However, Congress by a 2/3 majority may consider any late proposals deemed useful.

7 – In case of urgency, a matter not included in the agenda in accordance with the provisions of Article 15 may nevertheless be submitted for debate, subject to the approval of 2/3 of the members present.

8 – For a Working Congress the agenda is drawn up according to the needs of the moment.

9 – Decisions of the Congress shall be taken by a simple majority of the member federations present with the right to vote.

Voting shall be by a show of hands unless a secret ballot is requested by a delegate.
In the event of a tie, another vote shall be taken.

If the tie continues after the vote, the motion shall be deemed rejected.

The Secretary General shall draw up the minutes of the Congress. After approval by the auditors, the minutes must be signed by the Secretary General and the President and sent to the members of the council and the federations within a maximum period of three (3) months.

Decisions taken by the Congress shall enter into force two months after they have been notified.

The minutes shall be transmitted to the International Handball Federation (IHF).


10 – The members of the Executive Committee and the Council shall be elected under the following conditions:
(A) if the number of candidates for a post exceeds two (2), the election shall be by an absolute majority of the votes of the Member Federations present at the Congress / General Assembly, Of the AHC.

If no candidate obtains an absolute majority, a second ballot shall be held between the two (2) candidates obtaining the highest number of votes in the first ballot. In the second round, the simple majority wins.
If, after two rounds of voting, no candidate obtains the majority, a third round shall be held.

For the last ballot, in the case of an equal division of votes, the outgoing member shall be recalled to the post in competition if he is a candidate; If not, the position is awarded to the oldest candidate.

(B) Where there are only two candidates for a post, the election shall be by simple majority vote.