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Dear Handball friends,

The XXIVth and XIIIth Women’s Youth and  Juniors Africa Nations Championship announces itself to be some highlights of the competitions’ calendar for the year 2017.

 So, from 04th to 10th September and from 11th to 17th September << tomorrow’s international stars >> born in 2000 for the youth and 1998 for the juniors will compete in Abidjan and will serve us great handball moments.

Côte d’ivoire has already shown its quality as organizing country and the organizing committee put in place is well prepared. I am convinced that we will follow a wonderful Juniors and Youth Championship.

The spectacle is so assured and some new talents will be discovered in Abidjan. But, before all, I would like to express  a wish as we are all concerned with the competitivity and attractiveness of our discipline which each day moves to a greater recognition.

I would like to invite all the actors to favor the implementation of a virtuous circle for the selection of players who take part in the competitions according to their age categories in order to give them the confidence and enable the technicians to evaluate without any risk of mistake their true level of progression, performance and competitivity.

That ambition requires not to mistake the objective with the time which cannot consists in lining up some talents at the end of cycle in a championship at any costs, but to work for the continuous training  of the young players in view to fertilise our talent pool and proceed to the qualitative renewal of their size.

Those programmes are already in course within many federations that I encourage, by the way. This is the condition to reach the excellence.

I wish you a good competition !

Mansourou  AREMOU


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