juin 22, 2022

23rd IHF Women’s Junior World Championship – Slovenia 2022: Day 1


The 23rd IHF Women’s Junior World Championship started this Wednesday, June 22 in Slovenia. The first day saw 32 women’s teams, including Angola, Guinea, Egypt and Tunisia, compete hard to secure a place in the competition. 


The 16 matches of the day completed, the results are as follows:


Poland vs United States of America (37:14)

Germany vs Chile (40:18)

Islamic Republic of Iran vs Guinea (19:19) 

Romania vs Angola (26:23)

Czech Republic vs Lithuania (33:16)

Croatia vs Kazakhstan (36:15)

Slovakia vs Japan (17:29)

Norway vs Korea (26:22)

Switzerland vs Austria (26:33)

Sweden vs Tunisia (32:25)

Slovenia vs Mexiko (37:18)

Argentina vs Italy (25:20)

Denmark vs Montenegro (24:20)

Hungary vs Egypt (39:20)

India vs Netherlands (46:18)

France vs Brazil (37:18)


photo credit: IHF

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