juillet 12, 2022

25th ACN Egypt 2022: Results of day 2


Zambia vs DRC 24:43 (14:15): Leopards in the quarter

The Democratic Republic of Congo won easily against Zambia with a score of 24-43. However, the Zambians gave a hard time to the Leopards who struggled to get rid of their opponents. The proof, the Congolese had only one goal ahead of the Zambians (15 -14) at halftime.

After the break, the teammates of Eyanga Jordy dominated their opponents as they did against Senegal in their first game. With a modified defense and an enhanced attack, the DR Congo found the right way. Olivier Nyokas, Ngoulou, Beauregard, Tchitombi Aurélien…will quietly unfold in front of the helplessness of Musa Kambundu and his teammates. The exploits of Bwalya Bana Ngossa, Tombo Elijah did not avoid the defeat tonight in the room of Dr. Hassane Moustapha. Final score 43-24. Zambia will play its last group match against Senegal this Wednesday.

Man of the match: Tchitombi Aurelien (COD)


Senegal vs Angola 25:32 (15:15): The lions eliminated

Good move for the Angolans in the second day of the group matches of the CAN 2022 after beating Senegal (32-25).

The « Lions » who were defeated by the « Leopards » of DR Congo (26-31) on the first day, were again beaten.

Like the day’s match against the DRC, the lions have held only the time of a first half (15-15). It is at the second half that Angola found the fault to contain the Senegalese defense. They detached themselves from the restart with three goals scored at the beginning of the game. The rest will be impossible for the Lions who will end up losing 31 to 25. A second defeat which means elimination. With this victory, Angola had the keys for the quarterfinals and joined for the account of group D, the DR Congo. The two teams will meet tomorrow while Senegal will play against Zambia for the classification of the group.

Man of the match: Adelino Anderson Pestana (ANG)


Recap of the day’s scores

Zambia vs DRC 24:43 (14:15)
Senegal vs Angola 25:32 (15:15)
Guinea vs Algeria 28:22 (10:14)
Cape Verde vs Nigeria 35:29 (19:15)

Cameroon vs Morocco 28:35 (14:18)





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