juillet 15, 2022

25th Men’s Seniors Africa Nations Cup Egypt 2022: Cape Verde in the semi-finals!


The Blue Sharks of Cape Verde dominated the Palancas Negras of Angola in the quarterfinals of the Men’s Senior Africa Nations Cup of Handball Egypt 2022. It is the third match of the day between two outsider nations. A balanced game that met the expectations of the public. From the beginning, Cape Verde takes the lead, despite the opening of the score by Angola thanks to his number 99 Declerck Mbala SIBO. But, it will have difficulty to move away from its opponent of more than one goal. At halftime, they separate on the score 12-13. During the second act, the rhythm does not change and the objectives either. The Cape Verdeans kept their game and ended up winning on the razor’s edge; score 24 – 23. They also took the title of best player of the game won by the goalkeeper Edmilson Goncalves. With this result, the Blue Sharks of Cape Verde become the third nation qualified for the semi-finals of the 25th edition of the Men’s Senior ACN 2022.



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