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43rd Africa Clubs Championship: What you need to know about the competition in six points


The 43rd edition of the Africa Clubs Championship starts this Friday, September 30, 2022 in Tunisia and will end on October 09. We offer you in a few lines, the main thing to remember about this competition which is already exciting.


1- Participating teams in Men

Among men, ten clubs are in the running for this competition. They are divided into two groups of five whose configuration is as follows:

Group A: Zamalek (Egypt), Club Africain (Tunisia), FAP (Cameroon), Red Star (Ivory Coast), Mouloudia (Algeria)

Group B: Al Ahly (Egypt), Esperance of Tunis (Tunisia), JSK (Congo), Flowers (Benin), Club Ain Touta (Algeria)


2- Participating teams in women

At the level of women, initially 12, they will finally be 11 to take part in this competition. Here is the presentation of the groups:

Group A: Petro (Angola), FAP (Cameroon), Habitat (Ivory Coast), Flowers (Benin), El Biar (Algeria), Union Sportive de Guinée (Guinea)

Group B: Primeiro d’Agosto (Angola), DGSP (Congo), TKC (Cameroon), Club du Sport Féminin Moknine (Tunisia), Club Féminin Boumerdes (Algeria)


3- Winning clubs of the competition since its creation for Men

Zamalek SC (Egypt): 12 titles, 1 time vice champion

MC Alger (Algeria) : 11 titles, 2 times vice – champion

Al Ahly SC (Egypt) : 5 titles, 3 times vice champion

FAP Yaounde (Cameroon) : 2 titles, 3 times vice-champion

Imo Lions (Nigeria) : 2 titles

Esperance of Tunis (Tunisia) : 1 title, 4 times vice champion

Interclub de Brazzaville (Congo) : 1 title, 3 times vice champion

Club Africain (Tunisia) : 1 title, 1 time vice champion

Etoile Sportif du Sahel (Tunisia) : 1 title, 1 time vice champion

Primeiro de Agosto (Angola) : 1 title

MM Batna (Algeria) : 1 title

Nadit Alger (Algeria) : 1 title

Omness de Dabou (Ivory Coast) : 1 title

Port Said (Egypt) : 1 title


4- The winners of the competition in Women’s category

Petro Atlético Luanda(Angola) : 19 titles

CD Primeiro de Agosto(Angola) : 6 titles

CD Primeiro de Agosto (Congo) : 4 titles

Africa Sports National (Ivory Coast) : 3 titles

ASC Bouaké : 2 titles

Grasshoppers Owerri : 2 titles

Al Ahly : 1 title

Gezira SC : 1 title

Air Afrique Bouaké (Ivory Coast) : 1 title

Ferroviário de Luanda : 1 title

USC Bassam: 1 title


5- Where are the teams and officials of the CAHB accommodated?

The Tunisian Handball Federation has put the little dishes in the big to allow the different delegations to spend a good stay during the Clubs Championship.


Zamalek – MCA Mouldia Alger – Esperance Sportive de Tunis – FAP Cameroon – JSK

Al Ahly – Club Africain – Flowers – Ain Touta – Red Star 

@HOTEL VENUS HAMMAMET: (5 teams Ladies)
FAP – Primero – DGSP – El Biar – USG


@HOTEL SOL AZUR HAMMAMET: (3 teams Ladies)

Also all the officials of the African Handball Confederation will be accommodated at the Manar Magic Life Hotel (5 stars) and the participants of the IHF C License training at the Palm Beach Hotel (4 stars).


6. Where can I watch the matches of the competition?

All the matches will be streamed on the Facebook page of the African Handball Confederation.


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