juillet 16, 2022

Amazing qualification of Cape Verde for the final of the CAN Seniors Egypt 2022!


The Blue Sharks of Cape Verde, expected to go far in this CAN, have just confirmed their good shape of the moment. Facing the Atlas Lions in the first semi-final of the competition, they won after a great game. As in the quarterfinals, it is the opponent who opens the score. But, Cape Verde managed to equalize, then to take the lead. 9 – 11 at the end of the first act.

After the break, the blue sharks maintain their advantage in the score. They do not regress until the end of the regular time. Final score 19 – 23. The team of Cape Verde becomes the first nation qualified for the final of the 25th edition of the Men’s Seniors Africa Nations Cup – Egypt 2022.


Man of the match: SEMEDO Leandro (CPV)



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Eblouissante qualification du Cap-Vert pour la finale de la CAN Seniors Egypte 2022!

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