juin 13, 2021

Day 5: DR Congo vs Cameroon 21:26 (10:10)


Cameroon took the first place in group B after its victory against the Republic of Congo. Score of the game 26-21 (10-10).

First attack, first failure for Cameroon which relied on the offensive game to advance, strengthened by its enthusiastic public from the beginning of the game, even if the girls of GUEBOGO SERGE CHRISTIAN are going to cash in the first goal of the game thanks to the unstoppable MWASESA CHRISTIANNE.

As an alert, the Cameroonian players organize themselves on the sides. Thanks to DJIEPMOU M. A. VANESSA or YUOH YVETTE, they manage to get out of the trap.

The Congolese have multiplied the fouls sanctioned by 7-meter throws (3) and masterly executed by the talented YUOH YVETTE.

It is necessary to appreciate the good defense of Cameroon which conceded only 4 goals in 20 mn.

It is in the last moments that the players of the DR Congo reacted by nibbling considerably the gap until coming back to a goal (9-8) at 2 minutes of the half-time then equalize at 1 minute of the end. And finally, 10 goals everywhere. It is on this score that the two teams are going to close the first part of the game.  

The beginning of the second period will be the copy of the first one. Even if the goalkeepers were there, the players were very clumsy in front of the goals.

Cameroon opting for shots outside the 9 meters in front of a defense 1 / 6 of the Congolese, manages to break away (15-13) then (13-16) after 10 minutes of play.

The cross chase continues until the 25th minute before seeing Cameroon break away (23-20).

And the country of the competition can thank its keeper MBEN BEDIAN NOELE who was great in his camp even if she have been helped by the defense 3 / 6 modulable set up by the Cameroonian coach.

Cameroon ends up winning 26-21. A victory that allows the indomitable lionesses to take the first place in group B followed by their opponent of the day the DR Congo.


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