juin 13, 2021

Day 6: Guinea wins Madagascar 35-16 (19:10)


In the first game of the last day of pool A, Guinea defeated Madagascar 35-16.
A victory that allows the national Silly to get one of the two best third for the qualification in quarterfinals.

It is with 9 goals difference (19-10) in favor of Guinea that the two teams have completed the first part of the game. Not at all surprising. The victory was precious to get one of the places available for the qualification in quarter-final. A nice lead for Leblond’s girls who led the first attack at the start of the second half.

Poorly planned attacks with ball losses and attacking mistakes.
It is only at the 4th minute that they will unlock the goal counter thanks to Djienaba Touré and then Djeneba Tandian (21-11).
The Malagasy brought by Ratovomahenina Hasina will try to answer shot by shot and manage to score 3 goals by taking advantage of the failure of the Guinean defense, situation that forces the coach of Guinea to take a T (Time out).
He set up an attack with two pivots including Simone Niaraba out of the bench. Guinea digs the gap, Madagascar doubts (28-14). And the game seems definitely folded. Especially when Madagascar multiple fouls and is reduced to two and then three. This allows Dieneba Tandian (elected best player) and her teammates to play quietly.
Score of the game 35-16. A beautiful victory that sends the Guineans in the quarterfinals for the place of the best third.

« I am happy to find my players. This allowed us to win this game. And we are happy to be qualified even if we did not expect this scenario, » said the Guinean coach Jean Louis Leblond in a press conference after the game.
Among the valuable players for Guinea, there is Dieneba Tandian who was elected best player of the match. « I am very happy and happy for my teammates, » she said.


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