43rd Africa Clubs Championship: What you need to know about the competition in six points

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The 43rd edition of the Africa Clubs Championship starts this Friday, September 30, 2022 in Tunisia and will end on October 09. We offer you in a few lines, the main thing to remember about this competition which is already exciting.


1- Participating teams in Men

Among men, ten clubs are in the running for this competition. They are divided into two groups of five whose configuration is as follows:

Group A: Zamalek (Egypt), Club Africain (Tunisia), FAP (Cameroon), Red Star (Ivory Coast), Mouloudia (Algeria)

Group B: Al Ahly (Egypt), Esperance of Tunis (Tunisia), JSK (Congo), Flowers (Benin), Club Ain Touta (Algeria)


2- Participating teams in women

At the level of women, initially 12, they will finally be 11 to take part in this competition. Here is the presentation of the groups:

Group A: Petro (Angola), FAP (Cameroon), Habitat (Ivory Coast), Flowers (Benin), El Biar (Algeria), Union Sportive de Guinée (Guinea)

Group B: Primeiro d’Agosto (Angola), DGSP (Congo), TKC (Cameroon), Club du Sport Féminin Moknine (Tunisia), Club Féminin Boumerdes (Algeria)


3- Winning clubs of the competition since its creation for Men

Zamalek SC (Egypt): 12 titles, 1 time vice champion

MC Alger (Algeria) : 11 titles, 2 times vice – champion

Al Ahly SC (Egypt) : 5 titles, 3 times vice champion

FAP Yaounde (Cameroon) : 2 titles, 3 times vice-champion

Imo Lions (Nigeria) : 2 titles

Esperance of Tunis (Tunisia) : 1 title, 4 times vice champion

Interclub de Brazzaville (Congo) : 1 title, 3 times vice champion

Club Africain (Tunisia) : 1 title, 1 time vice champion

Etoile Sportif du Sahel (Tunisia) : 1 title, 1 time vice champion

Primeiro de Agosto (Angola) : 1 title

MM Batna (Algeria) : 1 title

Nadit Alger (Algeria) : 1 title

Omness de Dabou (Ivory Coast) : 1 title

Port Said (Egypt) : 1 title


4- The winners of the competition in Women’s category

Petro Atlético Luanda(Angola) : 19 titles

CD Primeiro de Agosto(Angola) : 6 titles

CD Primeiro de Agosto (Congo) : 4 titles

Africa Sports National (Ivory Coast) : 3 titles

ASC Bouaké : 2 titles

Grasshoppers Owerri : 2 titles

Al Ahly : 1 title

Gezira SC : 1 title

Air Afrique Bouaké (Ivory Coast) : 1 title

Ferroviário de Luanda : 1 title

USC Bassam: 1 title


5- Where are the teams and officials of the CAHB accommodated?

The Tunisian Handball Federation has put the little dishes in the big to allow the different delegations to spend a good stay during the Clubs Championship.


Zamalek – MCA Mouldia Alger – Esperance Sportive de Tunis – FAP Cameroon – JSK

Al Ahly – Club Africain – Flowers – Ain Touta – Red Star 

@HOTEL VENUS HAMMAMET: (5 teams Ladies)
FAP – Primero – DGSP – El Biar – USG


@HOTEL SOL AZUR HAMMAMET: (3 teams Ladies)

Also all the officials of the African Handball Confederation will be accommodated at the Manar Magic Life Hotel (5 stars) and the participants of the IHF C License training at the Palm Beach Hotel (4 stars).


6. Where can I watch the matches of the competition?

All the matches will be streamed on the Facebook page of the African Handball Confederation.