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Dear Handball friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This message launches the process of the Golden Jubilee celebration which marks the 50 years of the African Handball Confederation (1973-2023).

Reaching fifty years of age, this is an important step in the life of a human being , but also in that of an institution.. 

Our celebration remains a solemn opportunity to make a break and look back on this journey, to look forward and to consider the mountains we still have to climb.

As we commemorate this historic event with the topic “50 YEARS! Let’s start a new era”, I would like to invite you to have a deferential thought for the Founding Fathers.

Thanks to the tenacity of some and others, the African Handball Confederation was born on 15th January  1973 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Modest beginning, but very important because many dedicated people have played a determining role in this journey.

In the coming weeks and months, we will all think on how true we have been to their vision and ideals.

Fifty years of Passions, Friendships and Innovations

This commemoration will take the form of different events on the sidelines of our statutory competitions and will culminate in Congo next October during the 44th Africa Clubs Championship.

I invite the National Federations by the same way, to make this celebration theirs, on their own initiatives (symposium, handball day, etc…)

During this half-century, our institution has recorded important successes in the reinforcement of the relations of fraternity, solidarity between the actors, and sports performances.

Today, I would like to pay a vibrant tribute :

– To the National Member Federations and the various Partners, in Africa and beyond its borders,

– To the illustrious predecessors, whose memory we are honor in several of them,

– To the technicians of all kinds, technical supervisors, Referees 

– To the communicators who accompany us

– To the staff of the head office, who have loyally served the institution during all these years.

Some of them are no longer of this world and I invite you to have a pious thought for them all.

Thanks to the work, the determination and the commitment of all the actors mentioned above, the African Handball Confederation has become an institution of which we can all be proud.

This is what allows us, at the time when we wonder if we have really been faithful to our founding fathers, to answer with pride that we have played our part.

The African Handball Confederation has remained a dynamic institution in a continent where our sport is trying to make a good place.

Over the years, as the needs of Member Federations have increased, the African Handball Confederation has endeavored to respond.

Throughout this fifty-year journey, we have continuously paid attention to our model which consists in working for the development of African talents.

We have gone from a highly emergent institution to one that matters in international relations.

We have moved from a process-driven organization to a results-driven organization.

Always on the move, always in tune with the times, the African Handball Confederation has always sought to promote and bring together.

Now, we have to rethink ourselves, in view of the new challenges and opportunities facing our sport in Africa.

We must seize all opportunities such as the decisive support of the International Handball Federation (IHF), the appreciated support of the French Handball Federation (FFH), the support and political will of some of our State leaders and the strengthening of the cooperation between federations.

We must constantly rethink our tools, our systems and our responses.

We must avoid bringing old answers to new problems, all this to say that we must move in the direction of progress. 

Let me finish by thanking all of you, and those who have preceded you in your respective Federations, for nothing would have been possible without your dedication to our mission.

We still have much to do. There are encouraging prospects. I hope that the conclusions that will come out of our thinkings  will have the expected effect on the African Handball.

I hope that the African Handball Confederation will further assert itself through large integrating projects that concern training and skills development as well as the reinforcement of the role of women in our leading structures.

Good celebration to all, Happy fiftieth anniversary!

Thank you for your kind attention.

Dr Mansourou AREMOU

CAHB President