IHF Men’s and Women’s Youth Beach Handball World Championship: results of day one

by | Jun 15, 2022 | News | 0 comments

IHF Men’s and Women’s Youth Beach Handball World Championship started yesterday Tuesday, June 14 and will run until June 19 with the participation of 16 teams in each category.

This 2nd edition will see the participation of the Men’s team of Togo as the only representative of the African continent.

Togo begins its campaign by playing its first match against Brazil.


Results of day 1

In the Men’s competition

Islamic Republic of Iran 2-0 United States of America
Sweden 2-0 Qatar
Argentina 2-0 Uruguay U
Ukraine 0-2 Germany
Croatia 0-2 France
Greece 2-1 Czech Republic

Spain 1-2 Jordan
Qatar 0-2 Islamic Republic of Iran
United States of America 0-2 Sweden
Germany 2-0 Argentina
Uruguay 1-2 Ukraine
Togo 0-2 Croatia
France 2-1 Brazil
Jordan 2-1 Greece
Czech Republic 0-2 Spain


For the Women

Germany 2-0 Romania
Hungary 2-0 Poland
Thailand 2-1 Uruguay
Argentina 2-1 France
Greece 2-0 Puerto Rico
Netherlands 2-0 Hong Kong
Poland 2-0 Thailand
Uruguay 0-2 Hungary
France 0-2 Germany
Ukraine 0-2 Spain
Romania 1-2 Argentina
Puerto Rico 0-2 Netherlands
Hong Kong 0-2 Greece