International Cycle Of Elite Sport Lausanne – Switzerland 2023: Dates And Conditions Of Participation

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In the framework of the collaboration with the Olympic Solidarity/IOC (OS), we are pleased to announce that the next session of the International Cycle of the Elite Sport of Lausanne-Suisse (CISéL) will take place from 14th April  to 12th June 2023, including arrivals and departures. The application process is now open.

After an interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this 33rd edition will allow us to increase the number of graduates, 240 national coaches and NTD currently, coming from 32 countries and 4 continents representing 25 sports disciplines.

You can download the information brochure and the application form at the bottom of the page. The application file includes :

– CISéL application form, duly signed, stamped and dated by all parties

– Scanned photograph

– Letter of motivation written by the candidate

– Curriculum vitae

– Copies of the main coaching and sports diplomas

– Copies of the main academic and professional diplomas

– Copy of a recent medical certificate

– Copy of the main page of the passport

For the CISéL, the OS allows the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to benefit from a support for the participation of their coaches in the training through the Olympic Scholarship Program for coaches. This is done through the submission, by the NOC, sole partner and beneficiary, of the Olympic Solidarity application file on the online platform RELAY. In this process, the endorsement of the International Federations (IF) is officially requested by the OS.

As the applications received are processed in order of arrival and places are limited, NOCs are invited to submit their applications as soon as possible. National Federations and coaches are requested to help prepare the documents to be sent to the NOC. We would like to draw your attention to the requirements and the long delays imposed by the diplomatic representations to obtain visas.

Several files have been submitted since 2020. NOCs are invited to confirm by separate email the reactivation of these files or to announce a new application.


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