President’s word

Dear Friends of the HandBall,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new website You will find there I hope a wealth of useful information. Indeed, the objective is to allow you to become acquainted with the activities of the African Confederation of Handball, and to bring all the actors to get closer by exchanging experiences.


Let’s build African Handball together! This is the invitation I sent to everyone.

It depends on the unwavering commitment we make to take our place in the concert of nations and our ability to be faithful to our values.

The commitment of the Executive Committee therefore aims to make the African Handball Confederation a closer and more effective institution in response to the expectations of National Associations. We must unite the converging forces to meet the great challenges imposed on us by global development.

I hope that this site will become a vehicle that the public will find useful to inform and contribute to the achievement of our common objectives. I think that there is happiness only in the sharing and the solidarity between all.

Thank you.

Mansourou AREMOU