Women’s ACN Dakar 2022: Quarter finals results

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ANGOLA VS TUNISIA 29:24 (16:12)

Best player of the match: PAULO HELENA (number 8, ANG)


COTE D’IVOIRE vs CONGO 21:35 (13:16)

Best player of the match: NGUEKWIAN YIMGA (number 7, CGO)


CAMEROON vs RD CONGO 23:22 (15:11)

Best player of the match: EKOH KARICHMA (number 39, CMR)


Egypt vs Senegal 19:21 (7:9)

Best player of the match : SAGNA SOUKEINA (number 13, SEN)


Statistics of the matches

25-Angola vs Tunisia

26-Côte d’ivoire vs Congo

27-Cameroon vs RD Congo 

28-Egypt vs Senegal