Dear Handball friends

It is with a great pleasure that I welcome you to the 34th edition of the Africa Clubs Championship for the Winners’ Cup CAIRO 2018.

This is a major event  which wants to build a strong social link, and which over the years targets the highest summits while serving a showcase to the most talented players of the African Handball.

For CAIRO 2018 (15) Clubs in Men and (9) in women coming from 10 countries will be the mouth- watering clashes.

However, an event of this size cannot be possible without the favor of the Egyptian authorities  who are guided by a wonderful team work of all the actors, or those who contribute in one way or another to its total success.

This is the opportunity to express my deep gratitude  towards all the handball friends who work to the popularity of our discipline in Africa.

I want to thank all the leaders of clubs as well as the players and their coaches who joined forces to prepare and actually take part in that big celebration of the African Youth.

I hope that you will enjoy that great moment with the quality of the sport show.

I wish a good competition to all of you.

Thank you.
Mansourou AREMOU