août 26, 2022

Nantes International Handball Cup 2022 : Benin makes its beginnings, difficult learning!


The tenth edition of the Nantes International Handball Cup has effectively started today. A total of 14 games (7 in group A and 7 in group B) were played for this first day of competition. Lodged in the group B, the U-16 of Benin led by Léonce Linta delivered three games in the room 500 PSB. We can say that the learning process is difficult for the young handball players but promising for the rest of the competition. 

The results of the three matches are as follows: 

Benin 11 – 29 EHC Tournai (Belgium) 

Aunis HBC (France) 31 – 16 Benin 

Toulouse (France) 30 – 18 Benin 

NB: These are games of two times twenty minutes. 

Benin will play tomorrow in the H Arena two games as follows: 

14h GMT : Alkaloid Handball Club (Macedonia) – Benin 

16:20 GMT: Agrupacion Balonmano Gijon Jovellanos (Spain) – Benin 



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