mai 26, 2021

The « ANTI-COVID » health bubble of CAHB


In January 2021, the African Handball Confederation (CAHB) announced the resumption of its long-stopped handball activities because of the pandemic linked to the coronavirus, COVID-19. Such a decision in the current context, required first the establishment of a health protocol to ensure the safety of people and consequently the success of events scheduled for the year.

Safety is one of our absolute concerns. And as scientific advances were made to protect against the epidemic, CAHB optimized its already strict protocol in order to guarantee an optimal experience by integrating all the technological, human and material measures to ensure an unbreakable « ANTI-COVID » health bubble.

So, the whole sanitary protocol of CAHB is based on the assimilation of a single concept: the sanitary bubble concept.


What exactly is a sanitary bubble?

The sanitary bubble implies a delimited space where a group of people (athletes, in our case) tested negative earlier, agrees to be (entirely) enclosed so as not to let the virus penetrate within the said space.



This reinforced protection is based on these three « shields » which guarantee conditions of access to the accommodation sites, sanitary guidelines as well as a daily control and follow-up. For us, this is an unbeatable solution, if it is well applied.

This is how we can preserve all athletes, delegations and officials during competitions.


Is the bubble the only permanent solution for African Handball?

The unbreakable rule is the preservation of the bubble and therefore of the « ANTI-COVID » zone.

All the people (athletes, staff, officials) are subject to the compulsory sanitary protocol and all our spaces will regularly be treated to ensure a total disinfection.


Remember this:

« The bubble’s principle is simple: once you enter it, you can’t get out. The itinerary is from the hall to the hotel, nothing more. If you leave the bubble, you will automatically be disqualified and excluded.

« It is strictly forbidden to leave the hotel for expeditions or shopping in town. The « do not cross the line » will be strictly applied to all without exception.


The reason is quite understandable since, in order to be effective, the bubble must totally be hermetic and above all, reactive to the slightest positive control. Because very quickly, things can get worse.

However, it is planned that in the case of an alert, if a person shows symptoms of contagion to the COVID-19, he or she will immediately be taken in charge by a medical team of the local organization committee and the protocol of tracing, isolation and decontamination will be applied.



CAHB events sanitized?


Absolutely yes!  Spectators in effervescence by respecting for the moment a capacity to be defined, matches behind closed doors, halls that will certainly not be able to recover their usual warmth! But at least the players have the feeling that they are playing in complete confidence and safety.

The health protocol applicable to CAHB events during COVID 19 protects us. All our acts, all our actions, will be in total respect of the sanitary rules.

The motto: Prevent, detect, contain, sanction. We will be a role model.

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