août 13, 2021

25th IHF Women’s World Championship: Draw results


The final draw result is as follows:

Group A: France, Montenegro, Angola, Slovenia
Group B: Russian Handball Federation, Serbia, Cameroon, Poland
Group C: Norway, Romania, Asia 3, Asia 4
Group D: Netherlands, Sweden, NAC** 1, Asia 5
Group E: Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia
Group F: Denmark, Asia 1, Tunisia, Congo
Group G: Croatia, Asia 2, SCA* 1, SCA* 3, 
Group H: Spain, Austria, SCA* 2, Asia 6 

*South and Central America
**North America and the Caribbean



The 25th IHF Women’s World Championship, the first Women’s World Championship to feature 32 teams, will be staged in Spain from 2 to 19 December 2021. The event will be hosted by four cities, with venues in Castellón, Granollers, Llíria and Torrevieja, and feature 108 games.

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