octobre 1, 2022

43rd ACCC – 2nd day for Men: Full house for North Africa


For the second day in the men’s category, there was only one surprise, the victory of Touta HBC in the Algerian clash against JSK; a goal difference as against the Beninese club of Flowers-Cnss at the end of the first day.

Despite a tight squad (8 field players and 2 goalkeepers), FAP of Cameroon were one goal away from the feat while they facing Mouloudia club of Algiers.


Below are all the results of the second day.

Zamalek vs Red Star 40:17 (21:8)

Al Ahly vs Flowers 40:11 (23:3)

Ain Touta vs JSK 25:26 (10:15)

FAP vs MCA 25:26 (10:13)


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