juin 12, 2021

Day 4: Congo defeats Cape Verde (34-23)


In the second game of the day, the Congolese national team dominated Cape Verde by 34-23 (21-13 half-time). A victory that sends the « Diables rouges » in the quarterfinals.

A timid start to the game for both teams but very good for the two goalkeepers who responded till the 3rd minute after the scoring of the number 7 NGUEKWIAN YIMGA DIANE G, while Cape Verde had just missed a 7 meters throw by the number 10 CORREIA MARIA. It took 5 m to see Cape Verde score its goal thanks to CORREIA MARIA, and then at the 6 mn by Almeda. With this reaction, the Congolese could count on NTONDELE M. MARTINESE and their numerical superiority to increase the score 7-3 after 11 minutes of play.

The Cape Verdeans will have difficulty to bypass the Congolese defense organized around MOUYAMBA BELVINA, HENDO MERCIANNE and DORSON SHARON LEA. Offensively, they allowed their team to take the lead 14-7. The  » Bleuettes  » will eventually rely on CORREIA MARIA who manages to find the solution by bypassing the defense with shots outside the 9m. A strategy which will allow her team to nibble considerably and to reduce the gap to 12-17 at 4mn from the end of the first act.  The last remaining minutes will be to the advantage of the Congolese who win at halftime 21 to 13.

As in the first half, the Congolese kept their advance but they had to face the new reorganization of the Cape Verdeans in defense as well as in attack by leading 3-2 (16-22) after 4mn played.

The « Diables rouges » push, « les requins » push back and resist but will end up giving up after 12mn forcing the coach to take a timeout to readjust his defense. To circumvent his plan, the Congolese technician puts a defense of 3. But it’s not going to pay because the Cape Verdeans manage to get two 7m throws and another goal. But the Congo holds on and ends up winning 34-23. A first victory on the field for the Congolese. The Cape Verdeans concede a second defeat after the one against Angola. The Congo becomes the third team qualified for the quarterfinals after the DR Congo and Tunisia.


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