juin 12, 2021

Guinea vs Senegal 20:32 (11:16)


The Lionesses of Senegal have won against the Republic of Guinea 32-20 (16-11) in the last game of the 4th day of the Senior Women’s Africa Nations Cup competition being played in Yaoundé, Cameroon. A victory that allows the Senegalese team to qualify for the quarterfinals. In this group A, the first place will be played between Senegalese and Tunisians on the occasion of the last return of the group.

 3-0, 4-1, then 4-2, the lionesses started the game on a high note despite the suspension twice two minutes of Doungou Camara. A situation that forced the Guinean coach to take a time out to review his scheme. However against Awa Ndiaye, Raicha Dapina, Fanta Keita, the Guineans could not stop this offensive. But the girls of Leblond will nibble the score with three goals in a row. The cross chase continues with always the advantage for the Senegalese who win 16-11 at the end of the first half.

After the break, Raicha Dapina started the battle for Senegal, followed by Fanta Keita and Dapina after three failed attacks by the Guineans (19-11). The coach was obliged to take a time out at the beginning of the game. It will pay because his girls manage to unlock their goal counter thanks to GUIRASSY GOUNDOUBA (13-22).

A highlight of this game, Guinea will lose its only goalkeeper for a good part of the second game following an injury and will be replaced by a field player the time to be treated. Adiara Sow will come back in the game but will not avoid to her team, Guinea, a second defeat 32-20. A victory that qualifies Senegal for the quarterfinals even if there is still a last game to play against Tunisia. The first place in the group is the issue of this game. The teams Tunisia – Senegal have each recorded two victories. Guinea is mathematically eliminated from the competition and will play a last game against Madagascar which was also eliminated after two consecutive defeats.


Results of the day:


Madagascar vs Tunisia 16: 44 (10:21)

Cape Verde vs Congo 23:34 (13:21)

Guinea vs Senegal 20:32 (11:16)


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Guinee vs Senegal 20:32 (11:16)

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