juin 23, 2022

New rules for indoor Handball to come into effect on July 1, 2022


During its XXXVIII Ordinary Congress held on November 6, 2021 by videoconference, the International Handball Federation had announced the modification of the rules of indoor handball. These modifications concerned 4 important points: 

1. Addition of the new resin-free handball following the amendments of the IHF Ball Regulations as decided by the IHF Council on 1 July 2019, to offer the possibility to use the new resin-free handball in official IHF matches (please refer to Rule 3:2).

2. Passive play – reduction of the maximum number of passes after the forewarning signal from 6 to 4 passes, aiming to make the game more attractive (please refer to Rule 7:12, and Clarification 4).

3. Hitting the goalkeeper in the head with the ball in open play situations to be considered as unsportsmanlike conduct warranting an immediate 2-minute suspension, aiming to protect the health of the goalkeepers (please refer to Rule 8:8).

4. Introduction of a throw-off area (circle with a diameter of 4 meters) in the middle of the centre line, aiming to facilitate the flow of the game and the referees’ observation (please refer to Rules 1:9, 10:5, 15, and Clarification 5).


The new rules will be effective from July 1st and will be applied during the 25th Africa Nations Cup for Men 2022.


Find below the complete documents:


Rules of the Game_Indoor Handball_E




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