décembre 29, 2021

Press release on 29th December 2021

Resumption of the draw of the 25th Men’ Seniors Africa Nations Cup 2022
And postponement of the competition to June 2022
On 8th December 2021, the African Handball Confederation organized by
videoconference, from its headoffice in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), the draw for the 25th
Men’ Seniors Africa Nations Cup, initially planned from 13th to 23rd January 2022 in
After the said draw, the Secretariat of CAHB registered two appeals for annulment,
notably from Algeria and Zambia.
In view of the relevance of the arguments put forward, and in order to better
understand the situation, the African Handball Confederation suspended the results
of the Draw and postponed the competition to a later date.
After examination, the Executive Committee of CAHB sent the said appeals to the
Council, which adopted which follows :
– The Draw for the 25th Men’ Seniors Africa Nations Cup will be resumed.
The new date will be communicated later.
– The appeals from Zambia and Algeria were given a favorable response
– Examination of the cases of other countries who expressed the wish to
take part in the 25th Men’ Seniors Africa Nations Cup 2022 and the
possibility to take into account those different requests
– The 25th Men’ Seniors Africa Nations Cup is rescheduled from 22nd June
to 02nd July 2022.
CAHB apologizes for any inconvenience that postponement may cause in the
preparation of the participating countries.



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