juillet 28, 2021

Quarterfinals for the Pharaohs!


Day 5 of Tokyo 2020, Day 3 for Men tournament

After a game with no real suspense against Japan, Egypt has qualified for the quarterfinals alongside Denmark and Sweden.

« Egypt looked good for the third match in a row. The Pharaohs might have lost against Denmark, but they still gave the group leaders a good scare and they played also well today. Their 33:29 win against Japan was the 11th in 39 games at the Olympic Games and this is their best start in the competition since Sydney 2000 » said ihf.info

The Pharaohs will play next Friday against Sweden.


Group A results

Norway vs Argentina 27:23 (13:12)

Brazil vs Spain 25:32 (16:18)

France vs Germany 30:29 (16:13)


Group B results

Denmark vs Bahrain 31:21 (12:7)

Sweden vs Portugal 29:28 (14:14)

Japan vs Egypt 29:33 (11:18)


The Angolan women’s team, for its part, struggled to win and have not yet taken any point at these Olympic Games. Beaten by Montenegro in their first game, they were again dominated by Norway, Reigning European Champion, during the 2nd day of competition. They will face the Netherlands on Thursday at 00:00 GMT.


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