juin 15, 2021

Angola gets the 1st, its qualification for the World Cup


Angola has qualified for the World Cup after beating DR Congo, 29-20 in the quarterfinals of the Women African Handball. It was a confrontation between two former world players.

It is with 5 goals difference (15-10) that the two teams ended the first part of the game. The favorite Angola confirmed this status during all this first act without never being worried by the opponent, the DR Congo.

The Congolese have especially stumbled on the 4/2 defense set up by the Angolan Coach Filipe De Carvalho PINTO by keeping away some players like Christianne MWASESSA and Gnabouyou Marie PAUL.

While on the other hand, the « Diablesses » left a transparent defense often surprised by counter attacks.
The second half was a copy of the first; the Congolese showed another face by stopping two successive attacks.It was in the third minute that Angola scored thanks to Dombaxi, but Congo replies immediately.

The Angolan coach was thus obliged to resume his previous system but this time with a 5/1 defense.
With a good control of the game, Angola ends up winning by a score of 29-20.

The teammates of Guialo Isabel EEVELIZE crowned best player of the game qualified for the semi-finals and became the first team to qualify for the World Cup.

Unfortunately, the DR Congo will not return to the World Cup and also returns this year without a medal.



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