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This will be the first-ever edition of the competition featuring 32 teams, with four teams from Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Guinea and Senegal), 20 from Europe, five from Asia, and three from South and Central America.

The draw will take place at the IHF Head Office in Basel, Switzerland on 2 June, at 15:00 CEST (13H GMT), with a live stream being available via the IHF media channels. 


The 32 teams which will take part in the competition have been divided into four pots of eight teams each.


Pot 1: Hungary, Germany, Islamic Republic of Iran, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, Romania, Montenegro
Pot 2: Switzerland, Portugal, France, Sweden, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Netherlands
Pot 3: Egypt, Austria, Brazil, Slovakia, Argentina, Guinea, Uzbekistan, Algeria
Pot 4: Republic of Korea, India, Senegal, Uruguay, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Slovenia, Spain


The draw will start with the teams in pot 4 that will be drawn in Groups A to H, followed by the teams which were allocated into pot 3. The teams in pot 1 will be drawn in the eight groups afterwards, while hosts North Macedonia, who were allocated to pot 2, have the prerogative to assign themselves a group of their choice.


Finally, the other seven teams from pot 2 will be drawn into their groups, as the ceremony will end.


The runners-up from the previous edition, Poland 2018, have been allocated to pot 1, while the Republic of Korea, the 2018 bronze medallists, are in pot 4. Denmark, who are the most decorated team in the history of the competition with five medals in the previous seven editions, will also be in pot 1.


India, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Spain have been invited as substitute nations/Wild Card teams following the withdrawal of different National Federations and have all been allocated to pot 4.


The ninth edition of the competition will take place in North Macedonia between 30 July and 10 August.



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