juin 12, 2021

Meeting review of COVID referents – Seniors Women’s Africa Nations Cup


A meeting between the various COVID referents designated for the 24th Seniors Women’s Africa Nations Cup 2021 was held this Saturday, June 12 at the hotel of delegations. The objective of this meeting was to review the actions put in place since the beginning of the competition to ensure the safety and health of all players (players, officials, delegates, referees, etc. …)

The system put in place, very strict, includes amongst others, the following recommendations:

  • The delegations must be tested every two days during the whole competition. The positive cases will be systematically put in isolation and treated.
  • Access to the game hall for all external persons is conditioned to a daily COVID test 


The COVID Referents urge all parties involved to strictly adhere to the barrier measures and encourage delegations to report any suspected cases for immediate medical attention.


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