juin 13, 2021

Nigeria defeats Kenya 26-21 (12:11)


In the matches of the pool B, Nigeria defeated Kenya with the score of 26-21. An important victory for the « Super Eagles » ladies in the race for one of the best second places that will qualify for the quarterfinals.


This Saturday, June 12, the time had come to separate Nigerian and Kenyan at the Yaoundé Multipurpose Complex. Two teams in quest of their first success in this competition after having been beaten both by the same opponents in this case, Cameroon and DR Congo for the group B. Nevertheless, the challenge has not taken over the game. Rather, the two teams have delivered a pleasant game to the delight of the fans who came.

From the beginning of the game, both teams tried to demonstrate their determination to win, as shown by the tactical game played by the two coaches. But the Nigerian team was very ambitious by playing on the wings in order to allow the center forwards to better break the Kenyan defense which suffered a lot, but was still present.

The Kenyan team could not take advantage of the multiple losses of balls of the opponent. The girls by lack of experience, undoubtedly, missed many opportunities that should have allowed them to win this game capital for the competition. However they can be proud of their goalkeeper whose contribution was very precious and decisive in this match.

ATIENO MARGARET stopped many attempts of the Nigerians who will end up winning 26-21. A beautiful victory acquired in the pain but which could make them happy in the rest of the competition. Indeed, Nigeria can be in the race for one of the two best second places that will qualify for the next round of the competition.

Kenya definitely eliminated, will continue the tournament for the President’s Cup for teams eliminated in the first round and quarterfinals.


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Le Nigeria bat le Kenya 26-21 (12:11)

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