octobre 8, 2022

Women’s ACCC 2022: Angolan Derby for the final


Facing the DGSP of Congo the mass was quickly said. The Primero great favorite of this semi-finals, simply confirmed its domination. Rosana Sebastiao and her teammates have been quick. 12 to 21 at the half-time.

In the second half, the Primero just managed to keep their lead. The final whistle of the Tunisian pair Adweni Vhineb / Zrebi Hassen ends the nightmare of the teammates of Zoubabela Grace (37-25).

In the second semi-final, CS Moknine will make the perfect game by leading at the break 16-15 in front of Petro Athletico of Angola.
The emotional management of the game at the end of the first part, with the red card of Hachana Sondes, combined with the pressure of the public in the second period, were fateful.

The young ladies of Moknine will lose the thread of the game 5mn after the restart. Petro accustomed to this stage of the competition takes the opportunity to destroy any hope of Tunisian 29-21.

Primero and Petro in the final, this classic of continental handball in the ladies will be in first hour this Sunday, October 9, 2022 at the stadium of Hammamet before the men and it will be epic.



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